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16 February 2014

Battle of the Burgers (and Billboards)

Recently Burger Fuel opened a new store in Haitaitai, Wellington. Competitor Burger Wisconsin took this strategic billboard placement next door to try an lure customers back to them. 

What do you think a clever ploy or dirty tactics?  

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3 February 2014

Lorde Thanks Fans With Full Page Ad

As most know, Lorde is an extraordinary singer who has quickly risen to meteoric fame, and become a national icon. Her success is in part due to her intuitive understanding of her own personal brand and how to market herself. A perfect example is this full page ad she placed in the NZ Herald after winning two Grammys and prior to her Laneways concert. 

31 January 2014

Westpac Stadium Wows With Direct Mail

When my boss handed this to me he said "You'll like this, it's marketing gone mad". And he was so right. This direct mailer for Westpac Stadium's membership renewal drive is seriously impressive!

25 January 2014

Big Day Out - Marketing to music festival masses

Last week Big Day Out returned after a year off in 2013 and found a new home at Auckland's Western Springs. The festival headliners Pearl Jam and Snoop Dogg along with countless other world class bands drew back around 41,000 fans. 

Amongst the tiny jean cut-offs and flower head bands were plenty of brands vying for attention. Here's a couple that caught my eye (click read more below):

12 December 2013

Presents for the advertising geek in your life

With Christmas closing in quickly here's a few gift ideas for the advertising person in your life. Given that several of my family members are subscribed to this blog I must also add a caveat - this is not a xmas hint list! I'm lucky enough to have been given a few of these items already this year. 

1. Extra battery life

Advertising people tend to be addicted to social media and inseparable from their smartphone. Make sure they never have to endure a moment without checking the latest status update or what's being shared about their brand with a Mophie Juice Pack. It's a slim phone case that is also an extra battery. 

More ideas after the jump! 

29 November 2013

Mother Earth Uses Taxi Sampling For Product Launch

Overseas it is commonplace for cabs to have small TVs installed to play advertising on a loop. However in New Zealand taxi advertising hasn't reached that level... yet. Cabs frequently have advertising signage on the outside but this was the first example I had seen inside the car. 

The signage caught my eye poorly due to it's novelty factor. What was really clever was that the cab the driver also offered me a product sample. Having just jumped off an early morning flight and having skipped breakfast I was actually pretty pleased to accept it. If I hadn't seen the advertising my reaction may have differed. Accepting food from strangers isn't something I make a habit of. What's even better was the sample tasted great and I'm planning to purchase as a result. Honestly, I wouldn't have looked twice at the product on the supermarket shelf. 

The targeting of time poor business travellers during the morning was spot on. Well done Mother Earth! 

28 November 2013

Auckland Airport Through Ad Geek Eyes

For most people an airport consists of check in, security, gates and planes. However, this is a couple of snaps of a recent trip through Auckland Airport. The opportunity to market to higher income business people seems to inspire more creative advertising. Advertising is often the only part of an airport that changes regularly so brands can make an impact by interrupting the familiar landscape of frequent travellers. 

The following brands have done a great job by ulitising unconventional spaces for their advertising messages. Auckland Airport is doing a great job of working with brands and maximising the possibilities for advertising space to be sold. 

Do you have any unusual places you find advertising inspiration? I would love to hear them! 

BMW - X5 4WD  

This image is from BMW New Zealand's Facebook page as it's far better than the distance shot I took
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